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    At Life Saver Survival Swim School, we believe in giving your child the COMPETENCE, CONFIDENCE, and most importantly, the TIME to survive in an aquatic emergency.  The goal for children at the end of lessons is aquatic independence, aquatic problem solving, and the ability to rescue themselves should they reach the water alone.  Thousands of survival swimming lessons are taught worldwide everyday as part of the commitment to prevent drowning.. NOT ONE MORE DROWNING!!

    Our swim school instructors are trained to work with your child’s individual needs… all the way from “Swim-2-Float”.


    For Your Child’s Sake, Please Don’t Hesitate!

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    Who We Are

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    Bonnie Cannon – Owner/Swim Instructor

    Telephone: (832) 366-3008

    Email: LifeSaverSurvivalSwim@gmail.com


    Hello, my name is Bonnie Cannon and I’m the proud owner of Life Saver Survival Swim School. My husband, children, and I live in Houston, Texas. I am a wife of 25 years and proud mother of four wonderful children. Here is my story:


    “I have been a certified swim instructor since 2006 and have taught over a thousand children, throughout Texas and Florida, independent swimming and floating skills. Being an instructor and helping children through their aquatic journeys has been the most fulfilling experience of my life. Before training to be an instructor, I owned and operated “Mrs. B’s Childcare and Pre-School”.


    In the winter of 2002, my son, Alexander, nearly drowned while visiting a relative who had a pool. He was two years old but it happened so fast. In the few seconds it took me to run to the pool, Alexander’s body had sunk to the bottom. It didn’t even look like he was fighting so my husband jumped in the frigid water to save him. Although he had only been submerged for a few seconds, I couldn’t believe how much water he’d ingested. The incident set me on my path to teaching children how to help themselves if they were ever faced with an aquatic situation alone.


    I obtained my official swim instructor training in Orange City, Florida in 2006. After teaching there for two years, I started training in Houston, Texas. There was such a demand there for this unique style of teaching, my family and I sold our Florida home and moved to Texas in 2009. Since moving to Houston, I have been able to teach hundreds of children, and educate the community, about the importance of aquatic safety and layers of protection for your children.”


    To learn more about adding layers of protection to help keep your children and pets safe, visit: www.BestPoolFenceHouston.com.


    Warm regards,

    Bonnie Cannon
    Owner: www.LifeSaverSurvivalSwim.com

    FAQ'S, Program/Lesson Details & Water Safety Tips

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    Life Saver Survival Swim


    water safety program

    Program/Lesson Details

    Discover what age your child needs

    to be, how long the swim lessons

    will last, and what water skills will

    be taught and learned by your child.

    water safety tips

    Water Safety Tips

    Learn some valuable information on

    how to keep your little sprouts safe

    around water.



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    • Lindsey D. – The Woodlands, TX

      You are not only an excellent instructor, you love each student so well! You are gentle, and so encouraging. We are so grateful for you.

      Lindsey D. – The Woodlands, TX
    • Katy E. – The Woodlands, TX

      Both of my older children have benefited from Bonnie’s survival swim lessons. We appreciated the way she adapted to each kid and recognized the amount of time they needed to succeed. My 5 year old is now a fearless swimmer and joining a junior swim team this summer, and the 4 year old is confident in the water and floats like a pro. I’m looking forward to our baby taking lessons when he’s about a year old next year! It gives me peace of mind with the pool in our backyard (even with a pool fence, you just never know!) and with all of the lakes and streams in The Woodlands. So glad we invested in these swim lessons!

      Katy E. – The Woodlands, TX
    • Elena N. – The Woodlands, TX

      Bonnie Cannon is an exceptional instructor. Within 5 weeks my 2 yr old can fall into a pool, fully clothed while holding a toy, and immediately and instinctively float on her back for air. Bonnie has taught her to survive. A 10 minute swim once a day for 4 days a week for 6 wks can save a child's life! I whole heatedly believe Bonnie is incredible and patient and truly understands each one of her clients.

      Elena N. – The Woodlands, TX
    • Dr. Marshall L., M.D. – The Woodlands, TX

      Six years ago, Ms. Bonnie entered our lives. Our Son was 18 months old, and within weeks she had him confident in the water. Pool time became a completly different experience. We could play in the water comfortably. Not worried about floaties and that split second you blink your eyes. My son is now a fearless top rated swimmer on his swim team at six years old. When our Daughter came along, Bonnie had her floating at 15 months. At two years, old she is very confident in the pool and would join her Brother on the swim team if she was old enough. Bonnie is an even tempered child safety centered instructor and I trust her implicitly with my children in the water. Having known her both in the pool and out of the pool what you see is what you get....a firm yet kind and caring instructor.

      Dr. Marshall L., M.D. – The Woodlands, TX
    • Jennifer W. – Karen, TX

      I am so very proud of my boys and so very thankful for Ms.Bonnie! In just a few short weeks Bonnie Cannon has Landon swimming, floating, flipping, jumping in, and just over all confident in the pool. Our hard headed Drayton has given her a run for her money, however, she never gave up, and for that he's now floating. Exactly one year later...Landon only saw Ms. Bonnie Cannon for a refresher, he’s swimming great and now helping encourage brother. Dray, is still just as stubborn, but he’s now doing his swim float. We love Ms. Bonnie and our family is beyond thankful she loves what she does and she’s so good at it! “Layers of protection” my friends.

      Jennifer W. – Karen, TX
    • Melissa C. – The Woodlands, TX

      We’ve been with Mrs Bonnie for 4 years now. We started with our oldest (6)and now our youngest(2)has done lessons. Ourselves and others can’t believe the skills our boys have learned and the confidence they’ve gained in the water. These lessons will put a parents mind at ease for water safety. Mrs. Bonnie genuinely cares for your child and their safety, we all love Mrs. Bonnie!

      Melissa C. – The Woodlands, TX
    • Lisa R., LM, CPM – The Woodlands, TX

      This video was taken at 11 months old, after only 10 swim lessons. She floated fully clothed and wearing a diaper. Yesterday during her 18th lesson, she passed her 10 minute float test (float unassisted for 10 consecutive minutes). Both of our children have taken survival swim lessons with Mrs. Bonnie and we HIGHLY recommend her. (lifesaversurvivalswim.com) After a drowning incident with their own son, Bonnie started teaching survival swim and her husband began installing pool fences. Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death for infants and young children ages 1-4 and the leading cause of injury death for children ages 1-14. PLEASE do not let your children be a part of this statistic.

      Lisa R., LM, CPM – The Woodlands, TX

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